Welcome to Crawlers to Flyers
“A Unique School of Thought”

Children of the ages between 18 months and 6 years are extremely receptive. ‘CRAWLERS TO FLYERS PRESCHOOL' fun-filled programme makes the most of this by encouraging the children to understand and develop basic language skills while also developing social skills, gross and fine motor skills and creativity at the same time, through songs, music and imaginative play. At CRAWLERS TO FLYERS PRESCHOOL, we strongly believe that in each and every child lies a genius whose versatility is waiting to be unleashed. Every child is gifted with an innate aptitude towards a chosen area, which needs to be identified, addressed, nurtured, groomed & harnessed.

CRAWLERS TO FLYERS preschool rightly adapts the “Play Way” method of Education to enrich, enlighten & empower children with knowledge on all contemporary fronts. We follow the curriculum designed for early childhood learning. The curriculum uses a theme based approach to impart multiple skills to the child within the framework of a single concept or theme.
Letter From Director


Our Philosophy
Our Mission: To provide children with a secure, caring and stimulating environment for them to develop holistically & become independent, self confident and inquisitive learners.

Our Vision: To introduce the world to a refreshingly new yet effective educational system that is interactive, interesting and informative.

Our Goals:
 To provide an open & friendly atmosphere where children’s’ self confidence, self- esteem & leadership characteristics would grow effectively.
 To offer stimulating curriculum that aims at the holistic development of the children & caters to the following developmental areas: Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Physical and Imaginative
 To build positive relationship with children and parents
Admission open for Play Group, Nursery, Jr. Kg, Sr. KG & Day Care for the Academic year 2018-19